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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.86 pp.445-460

The Fusion of Visual Arts in Chinese Traditional Music and Explorations in Practice

Yu Lu*


Chinese traditional music is a representation of the intellectual accomplishments of the Chinese people and holds significant cultural and artistic attributes. To effectively showcase it to the general audience, it is necessary to implement visual design techniques that concentrate on the innovative progression of Chinese traditional music. This paper analyses the practical significance of visual design in the context of Chinese traditional music, using the unique characteristics of this music as a starting point. The paper maintains a clear structure with logical progression, ensuring a logical flow of information with causal connections between statements. Technical term abbreviations are explained when first used, and precise subject-specific vocabulary is employed where appropriate. The language used is formal and free from grammatical errors, while the text adheres to a consistent footnote style, format, and citation. Biased language is avoided, with positions on subjects made clear through hedging. Finally, conventional academic sections are included and titles are factual, unambiguous, and occasionally employ freer wording for interest. In addition, it examines the visual representation of Chinese traditional music. Building on this groundwork, the paper delves into a case study concentrating on “Four Seasons Scenery” to embark on a research journey and practical exploration of the visual design of Chinese traditional music. Through a combination of scholarly inquiry and practical application, the aspiration is that this pursuit may offer new perspectives and methodologies for the perpetuation and innovation of Chinese traditional music.