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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.85 pp.503-520

A Textual Research of Guangdong Province’s College-Enterprise Cooperation Policy Under “Double High Program” : Based on McDonnell & Elmore Policy Tools

Zeng Huo-Ji*, Yoon Man-Keun**
* 曾火奇,第1作者,韩国加图立大学教育大学院博士研究生(。
** 尹万根,通讯作者,韩国加图立大学教育大学院教授(。


With the development of the national economy, the cultivation of technical talents is urg ent. As the largest economical province in China, the government of Guangdong Province needs to quickly enhance the rationality, effectiveness, and practicality of policies, fully leve rage the mediating, guiding, and promoting role of policy tools. This research from a new perspective to analyze current research focus, which can provide some reference for impro ving region vocational education policies. This research adopted a qualitative research method to analyze the text of college-enter prise cooperation policies in Guangdong Province under the background of the “Double Hi gh Program”, based on the perspective of McDonnell & Elmore policy tools, constructed a n analytical framework model, formed “X-axis” policy tools and “Y-axis” talent cultivation m odel elements, used WPS software to fully collect effective policy texts, and rigorously enc oded and analyzed policy texts with the NVivo12Plus software. Through the previous researches and the key words frequency analysis of policy texts, w hich can clarify the research focus of Guangdong Province's college-enterprise cooperation policy under the background of the “Double High Program”. By analyzing the proportion o f policy tools and the proportion of talent cultivation model elements, it can reveal the fra mework, characteristics, and challenges of current policies. From three dimensions analysis: policy content, policy tools and talent cultivation model elements, it can achieve conclusio n, suggestions and future approaches for current policies. The distribution of the five policy tools for college-enterprise cooperation policy in Guan gdong Province is not balanced, indicating that the current policies need to adjust the poli cy tool proportion in a timely manner, enhance rationality and effectiveness. From the freq uency of appearance of talent cultivation model elements, the proportion of mode element s is the highest, while the proportion of concept elements is the lowest. Therefore, in futu re policy formulation, it is necessary to increase the proportion of concept elements, instill correct values, optimize talent cultivation model, and enhance the practicality of policies.

“双高计划”背景下广东省校企合作政策的文本研究 ——基于McDonnell&Elmore政策工具的视角

曾火奇*, 尹万根**
* 曾火奇,第1作者,韩国加图立大学教育大学院博士研究生(。
** 尹万根,通讯作者,韩国加图立大学教育大学院教授(。