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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.85 pp.405-424

A Study on Guan Yu Culture in the Southeast Coastal Areas of China : Focusing on Fujian Dongshan

Yi Min-Kyoung**
** 이민경, 국립부경대학교 인문사회과학연구소 HK연구교수 ()


Dongshan is a locale where Central Plains culture, Minnan culture, and maritime culture converge, giving rise to a distinctive and diverse Guan Yu culture. In his lifetime, Guan Yu had no association with Dongshan or the Minnan region, and no maritime-related stories are attributed to him. Nevertheless, in Dongshan, situated on the southeast coast, a Guan Yu worship culture akin to that in other regions prevails. Despite potential differences in scale, every household features an altar dedicated to a Guan Yu statue. During significant occasions such as the Spring Festival, Guan Yu's birthday, or his day of ascension, Dongshan residents frequent temples to conduct memorial services, seeking peace and prosperity for their families. Guan Yu has historically been a revered figure for Dongshan residents, with a well-established cultural history. Despite the absence of personal connections between Guan Yu and Dongshan during his lifetime, the establishment of the Guan Yu faith in this region prompts questions about its origin. Additionally, how has the Dongshan Guan Yu worship culture persevered to the present day? This study seeks to scrutinize the history and distinctive features of the Dongshan Guan Yu culture and analyze its implications. By doing so, it aims to serve as a foundational exploration into the diverse facets of Guan Yu culture and contribute to the comprehension of the cultural landscape of the southeastern coastal region of China.

중국 동남 연해지역의 관우문화 고찰 - 福建 東山을 중심으로

** 이민경, 국립부경대학교 인문사회과학연구소 HK연구교수 ()


복건성 장주시 동산에 위치한 銅陵關帝廟는 중국 4대 관제묘 중 하나로 꼽힌다. 동산은 중원으로부터 한참 떨어진 곳이며, 관우 생전 그 어떤 접점도 없었다. 하지만 이곳은 중원문화, 민남문화, 해양문화가 서로 융합하여 다채롭고 독특한 새로운 관우 문화를 자랑한다. 본고는 福建省 漳州 東山에 관우문화가 유입되고 정착되는 과정 및 그 특징 등을 살펴보고자 한다. 이는 관우문화의 다양성을 도출하고 중국 동남 연해지역의 문화를 이해하는 단초를 제공할 수 있을 것이다.