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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.79 pp.77-96

A Study on the Zheng-bian(正變) of 『Jian』(箋) by Zheng Xuan(鄭玄)

Jo Hae-Jin
전남대학교 중어중문학과 박사과정 수료


『Maoshixu』 was the first to study the nature and meaning of 『Shi』, 『Feng』『Ya 』『Song』and began to explain the earliest interpretation of the works of 『Shijing』 through ‘Zhengbian’. The 『Shi』, 『Feng』 and 『Ya』 is divided into ‘Zhengbian’ according to the ups and downs of the royal road, which shows that the good and evil of the city government are the politics of the times and turbulent politics. It is said that the advantages and disadvantages of political edification should be known because if Jun(君) attach importance to public, can govern well, and attach importance to public, can govern badly. It can be seen that Han is inherited Confucianism and judge whether it is right or wrong in relation to historical facts about rule. Zheng Xuan developed the ‘Zhengbian’ in preface, distinguishing with the rise and fall of the Royal Road. 『Zhengfeng Zhengya』, which began its prosperity, began with a poem related to King Moon in order to follow his beauty because it shows that there is a law to follow. The poem 『 Bianfeng Bianya』, which started its decline, is because the world changed from the Yi King's period to Chen linggong’s period, resulting in change in 『Feng』 and 『Ya』. Therefore, it is worthy of vigilance to satirize his ugliness and want to correct it. Proposed 『Bianfeng Bianya』, minister(臣) to monarch(君) emphasizes that the situation has changed by calculating the pros and cons of politics through poetry. Thus, for the sake of kingship politics, the relationship between the emperor and the minister emphasizes the importance of each other’s role and explains the poem, According to the purport of “Preface”, it is divided into “zhengbian”, which is distinguished according to historical facts and times, and endowed with classical significance. It can be seen that it is important to emphasize their respective roles through the relationship between monarchs and officials for the sake of kingship politics, and explain the poetry, According to the poetic meaning of Sequence, it is divided into ‘Jeongbyeon’ and is divided by generation based on historical facts and gives scriptural meaning.


본 논문은 『시경(詩經)』의 작품을 ‘정변(正變)’의 관점에서 설명하려는 ‘풍아정변론 (風雅正變論)’은 어디에서 비롯되었으며, 아울러 정현(鄭玄)의 ‘정변’은 어떻게 형성되 었는가를 탐색하려고 시도하였다. 이를 위해서 『모시(毛詩)』 해석과 비교를 통하여 그 실마리를 찾으려 하였다. 정현은 어떤 방식으로 ‘정변’을 구분하였으며 모시해석 체계(모시해석체계)와는 어떻게 다른지, 『전(箋)』의 해석까지의 변화를 살펴봄으로써 이를 드러내 보고자 하였다. 『시경』의 작품을 ‘정변’을 통해 설명한 가장 빠른 시기 의 해석은 『모시서(毛詩序)』이고, 『풍(風)』과 『아(雅)』의 詩를 왕도흥쇠(王道興衰)에 따라 ‘정변’으로 시정(時政)의 善과 惡을 구분하였다. 유가 사상(儒家思想)을 이어받 은 漢儒는 통치에 대해서 역사적인 사실과 관련지어 是非를 판단하였다. 정현은 『序 』의 詩旨에 따라 ‘정변’을 구분하고 역사