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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.77 pp.335-354

Learner-centered Video Translation Class Case Study in a Non-face-to-face Environment : Focused on Class Operation Case and Lecture Satisfaction


This is a case study that applies learner-centered education to video translation lessons in a non-face-to-face environment. I focused on class management and lecture satisfaction. Maximize the interaction between learners through the grouping activities of the ZOOM sub-meeting room function, and make the lesson that activates communication between learners and professors through individual feedback, grouped feedback discussion, and E-class LMS. went. After the semester, we looked at the learner's lecture evaluation and satisfaction with the video translation lesson designed mainly for the learner. The questionnaire survey showed that the lesson satisfaction was higher than expected, and that the interaction between the learners was generally smooth through the group-based activities with sufficient time. Then, through the discussion of the translated books for each group, the professor's specialized knowledge is transmitted to the learners, the completed books for the grouped tasks are shared in real time, and what kind of results are produced for each group is confirmed at the same time. In the process of exchanging opinions and making corrections, it was found that the actual learning effect was great. This confirmed that group activities can have a positive effect even online using the ZOOM sub-meeting room function, and the efficiency and satisfaction of group activities are communication and positiveness among group members, professors. It was also confirmed that it was in the active participation and management of. It can be concluded that the satisfaction level of the learner-centered participatory lesson is most influenced by the learner's selection of interesting lesson content, actual translation practice, feedback on the task, discussion and action between learners.


본고는 비대면 환경에서의 영상번역수업에 학습자중심 교육을 적용한 사례 연구이 다. 학습자가 무엇에 관심과 흥미가 있는지 개인프로필을 조사하였고, ZOOM 소회의 실 기능의 조별활동을 통해 학습자간의 상호작용을 최대한 높이고, 개별 피드백과 조별 피드백, 이클래스 LMS를 통해 학습자와 교수자와의 소통을 활성화한 수업이 되도록 진행하였다. 한 학기 동안 학습자중심으로 설계하고 운영한 영상번역수업에 대한 학습자의 강의평가와 만족도를 살펴보았다. 학습자들이 직접 번역하고 교수자 의 피드백을 받고, 조별 활동의 토론을 통해 서로의 의견을 교환한 뒤 조별 완성본 을 제출하면서 수업에 대한 성취감과 만족감이 높은 것으로 확인되었다.