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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.75 pp.171-192

The use of Chinese Numbers and Quantities through Chinese Slogan

Ki Yu-Mi
부산외국어대학교 중국학부


Due to Corona in 2020, slogan has played a more important role than before, and the method of propagating slogan has been diversified such as the Internet and SNS. Through the Chinese search engine, this study comprehensively collected supporting phrases and photographic image data, and from that analyzed the phrases, and found common language habits among Chinese people. That is, the Chinese often use expressions of numbers or quantities. Specific expressions of the slogan are quantitative phrases, reduplicative (nouns, adjectives, verbs, classifier), pronouns, special phrases, and adverbs of degree and idioms. The use of quantifiers was also the most prominent part of the general syntactic characteristics of Chinese, and also played a central role in the slogan. In quantitative constructions, numbers typically convey objective figures, but in more cases they convey virtual quantity. In the form of reduplicative, nouns were most frequently used, and verb reduplicative was used in various ways as VV, V 一V, and ABAB, forming. Another characteristic was that the slogan was appealing to the public by using conjugated form of request. The slogan has a limited number of characters and format. The slogan has a limited number of characters and the format, and the content delivered plays a very important role as it contains the gist of the government's main policy notifications, daily information delivery, and individual rules of conduct. To efficiently achieve the purpose of these slogans, various number and quantity representations can be utilized in the slogan phrases.


표어는 제한된 글자 수에 짧고 간결하게 전달해야 하는 형식상 제약이 있고, 전달 되는 내용은 정부의 주요 정책 알림에서부터 일상에서의 정보 전달 및 개개인의 행동수칙 등의 요지를 담고 있는 만큼 매우 중요한 역할을 한다. 또 사람들의 인식변 화에도 영향을 줌으로 명확하게 강조하여 명시해야 한다. 이러한 표어의 취지와 목적을 효율적으로 달성하기 위해서 중국 사람들은 표어 문구에서 다양한 수(数)와 양(量) 표현을 활용하였다. 표어에서 수(数)나 양(量)을 활용한 구체적인 표현 방법은 수량사구, 중첩, 대명사, 특수 구문 활용 그리고 정도부사 및 사자성어 활용이다.