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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.74 pp.381-405

“Charter of the Chinese Christian Church” and the Normalization Process of Protestantism in China

Yoo Mi-Kueng
부산대학교 중어중문학과


After the reform and opening, Chinese religion was revived, and Chinese Christianity was revived. Chinese Christianity has become very complicated as churches in various parts of China have returned and new churches have been established. Chinese Christianity needed a way to integrate churches of various denominations and operate smoothly. Therefore, it was suggested that churches in China should be standardized by making unified regulations that can be based on all churches. In 1996, the “Charter of the Christian Church” consisting of churches, believers, priests, and jihadis, was first declared. Since then, there have been significant revisions in 2008 and 2018 in line with changes in the situation of the Chinese church. In 2008, a new chapter of “faith” was set up, which included the beliefs of various denominations and common beliefs that fit the situation in China, and presented standardized basic beliefs. In 2018, the venue of the “Holy Ritual” was renamed “Church Life” and a new set of condolences was prepared that stipulated various church life such as worship rituals and weddings. The revision of the three types of church regulations shows the process by which the Chinese church becomes more systematic and detailed. Therefore, after analyzing the process of changing the three types of church regulations, this paper sought the background and meaning of normatization every time through the contents of the change.

「중국기독교교회규장」과 중국교회 규범화


개혁개방 이후 중국 각처에 많은 교회가 복귀하면서 원활한 교회운영을 위해 통일 된 규정을 마련하여 중국의 교회를 규범화해야 한다는 의견이 제기되었다. 그래서 1996년에 「중국기독교교회규장」이라는 전국적 성격의 규정이 공포되었다. 이후 중국 기독교의 형세 변화에 따라서 2008년과 2018년에 큰 폭의 개정이 있었다. 3종 「교회 규장」의 개정 내용은 중국의 교회가 더욱 체계화되고 표준화되어 과정을 보여 준다. 그래서 본 논문은 3종 「교회규장」의 변화과정을 분석하고, 매 시기 규범화의 배경과 그 의미를 궁구하고자 한다.