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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.73 pp.501-524

Investigation on Development of Literary Quality of Jiangyong Females through Nvshu : Focused on ‘Literary Works Adapted from Nvshu’

Zhang, Qing-Wen
서울대학교 국어교육과 박사과정


Nvshu, just like the name shows, is females words and their self-created writing form. The accident discovery of Jiangyong Nvshu triggers the research fever at home and abroad. In ancient China, under the male-centered hierarchical environment of Chinese characters, Jiangyong females created their own literacy community with their wisdom which to some extent made it possible for them to become literate and appreciate literature. Meanwhile, with an unique presentation form, this education form deepened local females’ identification with their self-identity and allowed them to share friendship and sorrow and fears between them which set them free from the traditional male-centered social structure to express themselves to the fullest and eulogized females’ life. The discussion process of the thesis is as follows: First, it investigates the research systems and directions about Nvshu at home and abroad and finds out that most domestic researches investigate the characteristics of words in Nvshu in the form direction including glyph, phonetic meaning, etc. But foreign researches take Nvshu as a tool for cultivating and developing females’ self-awareness and focus on discussing the formation of females’ self-awareness. Second, during learning related theories, the author mainly discussed the basic concept of persuasion and the extension of Pure Persuasion and combined this theory with Nvshu under the power structure i.e. the formation of awakening self-awareness and self-identity under interference, satisfaction of self-spirits, etc. which expanded and explained the environment applicable for this theory. In addition, in the formation of personal identity, such factors as language community and language application also played a role unconsciously. all stimulated female’s self-development and needs for becoming literate which to some extent, can be seen as a bounce of self-awareness under the strong intervention of male-centered society. At last, this thesis extracts some literary works from Nvshu including Sisterhood shu and Sanzhao shu (focusing on marriage celebrations and friendship reviewing) and uses literary works adapted from Nvshu to fully express the private communication among females, emotional communication between bosom female friends and the establishment of female’s literary quality, etc. In a male-centered society which is an exquisite expression of self-awareness, social reality and emotional output. The most attractive part is that the adaption of literary works through Nvshu in a male-centered society shows females’ flexible application of dialects and their literary expression ability by dialects. Lack of official education does not affect their appreciation and enthusiasm for literature as well as the improvement of their self quality and at the same time, their criticism to the social reality also shows females’ unique thinking ability and critical perspectives.

여서(女書)문자를 통한 강영(江永) 여성의 정체성 형성 연구 ― 여서로 개작된 문학작품을 중심으로

서울대학교 국어교육과 박사과정


이 연구는 옛 중국의 강영현 여성들이 여서문자를 통해 자신의 문식성을 발전시키 는 욕망과 과정에 대해 고찰했다. 이를 위해서는 우선 여서문자의 개념과 형성 배경, 그리고 교육방식의 특성을 살펴보고, 이를 통해 여성 문식성 공동체의 형태를 고찰했다. 뿐만 아니라 이들의 정체성 발전을 고찰하기 위해 ‘설득’ 개념을 도입함으로써 설득의 확장 개념인 ‘순수 설득’ 이론에 대해서도 논의했다. 이상의 논의를 바탕으로 여서문자와 ‘순수 설득’가 서로 결합하는 가능성을 타진하고, 그 이론을 바탕으로 여서로 개작된 문학작품을 해석하며, 옛 중국 강영 여성의 정체성 형성과 문식성의 발전 과정에 대해 다각도로 살펴보았다.