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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.71 pp.243-267

근대 동아시아 지식네트워크 연구를 위한 예비적 고찰 ― 동아시아 근대 출판의 성립과 이동을 중심으로

Preliminary Study for Research on Knowledge Network of Modern Northeast Asia : Focusing on the Establishment and Movement of Modern Publishing in East Asia


Seo Kwang-Deok


Modern times are the age of type media. The invention of type has led to a revolution in printing, and the development of printing has enabled the publication of large amounts of newspaper magazines and books. And based on this, the general public got information and knowledge, and they could express their thoughts. The modern publications in East Asia were in the sea areas, and knowledge was spread and accepted to each area centered on these cities. The acceptance and dissemination of knowledge in the modern East Asia was based on the publication network of Northeast Asia. This paper examines how the publishing network of modern Northeast Asia was formed, focusing on each country in East Asia, and summarizes how the publications produced in this region were moved between the sea cities by referring to previous studies. This is a basic work to examine what role the popularization and industrialization of publications in East Asia since the modern era played in preserving modern knowledge of people in this region and furthermore, how it affected the formation of humanistic networks in Northeast Asia.