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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.71 pp.153-172

대화협력원리를 통한 表敬副詞 ‘幸’ 고찰 ― 『史記』의 대화문을 중심으로

Pragmatic Study on the Respect Adverb “Xing” in 『Records of the Grand Historian』 Conversation Section


Baek Jong-Ie


By meticulously analyzing the implicated meanings of the honorific-expression (表敬) adverb ‘幸 (xing)’ which appears in the conversation sections of 史記 (Records of the Grand Historian) through the principles of conversation and cooperation, and comparing it with the sentences translated into Korean, the purpose of this study is to consider its efficient expressions from a pragmatic point of view. For this purpose, I first looked into the dictionary meanings of ‘幸 (xing)’ and examined its features from the perspective of speakers and listeners in the course of communication. When it is used as the honorific-expression (表 敬) adverb, ‘幸 (xing)’ is not simply interpreted as a usage of the expletive word, but can be also expressed differently depending on the context before and after. Thus, even if it is grammatically the same form of syntax, its interpretation and translation are expressed differently by the implicated meanings, depending on the sentences.