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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.71 pp.63-91

『詩經』에 대한 雜感性 문장, 『詩廣傳』 考察

A Study on the Shi Guang Zhuan(詩廣傳) : a Special Essay on Shi Jing(詩經)


Lee Jong-Mu


The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, look at the special composition features of the Shi Guang Zhuan(詩廣傳) which extensively explored the Shi Jing (詩經), one of Six Confucian classics(儒家六經), as ‘Guang Zhuan(廣傳)’ an original ‘an essay style.’ Second, consider the inherent core content that penetrates the core of the philosophy and literary assertions of the Shi Guang Zhuan(詩廣傳).
Wang Fuzhi(王夫之)’s Shi Guang Zhuan(詩廣傳) is very unique away from traditional books and interpretations of the Shi Jing(詩經).
Under the influence of early Qing Dynasty(淸朝)’s Thought of Practical application(經世致用), This book consists of the sentence Mixed Feeling(雜感), which expounds the original meaning of each of the Shi Jing(詩經) and writes down one’s arguments freely and widely. Wang Fuzhi(王夫之) made his point, looking at these works from an individual's philosophy, history, politics, ethics and literature perspective.
Wang Fuzhi(王夫之) argued in the Shi Guang Zhuan(詩廣傳) that: The essence of poetry lies in the Qing(情), which is the Qing(情) of Xing(性) downloaded from heavenly principles(天理), not instinctively the Seven feelings(七情).
Wang Fuzhi(王夫之)’s this opinion is a succession of Cheng Zhu studies(程朱理 學)’ views. However, in order to realize the Shi Jing(詩經)'s Educational Purpose(詩 敎), the Placid and gentry(溫柔敦厚) of the confucian Poetics(儒家詩學), it has made an unusual opinion to moderation and generosity in Qing(情). This particular argument has had the effect of greatly expanding the even logical fence of the placid and gentry of rigid confucian Poetics.