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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.367-382

Study on the Promoting Role of FDI of Korean Enterprises on the Education of Korean Language Talents in Colleges and Universities : Take Baoji Universality of Arts and Sciences as an Example

Liu Quan-Ding,Mun Cheol-Ju
동아대학교 국제전문대학원
동아대학교 국제무역학과


In recent years, the foreign direct investment (FDI) of Republic of Korean enterprises in China’s Shaanxi province has increased rapidly, which drives the trade growth between Shaanxi and Republic of Korea and makes South Korea the largest trading partner of Shaanxi province. There are many researches on this economic phenomenon, but few people focus on the promotion of Republic of Korean direct investment on Korean Language talent education in colleges and universities in this region. This study takes Shaanxi Baoji University of Arts and Sciences as the case, adopts case analysis method, and points out the promotion effect of direct investment of Republic of Korean enterprises (FDI) on the education of Korean language talents in colleges and universities through the research on the development of second foreign language teaching, international exchange, faculty reserve and foreign student education in this university. At the same time, combined with the theoretical basis of linguistic economics and research results, this paper reveals the internal mechanism of FDI and language talent education, which has certain practical guiding significance to the policy makers for the language policy making and to the language learners for promoting their learning motivations.

韩国企业FDI对高校韩国语人才培养的促进作用研究 ― 以宝鸡文理学院为例

刘全定, 文哲珠
** 제1저자,동아대학교 국제전문대학원
*** 교신저자,동아대학교 국제무역학과 교수


近年来,韩国企业在陕西直接投资(FDI: Foreign direct investment)增长较快, 带动了陕 西与韩国的贸易增长,使得韩国成为陕西省第一大贸易伙伴。针对这一经济现象的研究很多,但是 很少有人关注韩国企业直接投资对该地区高校韩国语人才培养的促进作用。本研究以陕西宝鸡文理 学院为例,采用案例分析法,通过该校第二外语教学、国际交流与合作等发展情况的研究,指出了 韩国企业FDI对高校韩国语人才培养的促进作用。同时,结合语言经济学理论基础和研究成果,揭 示了FDI与语言人才培养的内部作用模型,对于决策者的语言政策制定和语言学习者学习动机和积极性的调动具有一定的现实指导意义。