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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.355-366

A Brief Analysis of the Industrialization and Innovation of Performance Industry : Yunnan Yangliping TECH as an Example

Zhang Wei,Kim Chang-Kyong


“Yangliping TECH”is known as “the first public company of performing arts industry in new third board stick market”, Yang liping is the most eye-catching golden signboard. Although the stock market brief mentioned that the company's main source of revenue is the imaging series of commercial products, and its boutique hotel operation and other industrial chains. But we also know that the biggest risk for public companies is over-reliance on “Yang liping's personal brand”. At present, it seems that Yang liping company is in a good rising period in China's performing arts market and new three board stock market, and its development space is still large. We don't know how far it will go. If Yang liping company can develop in a scientific and sustainable way, it is bound to explore an effective market operation mechanism. This is what China's performing arts industry should learn from.

浅析公演艺术产业化革新 ― 以云南杨丽萍文化传播股份有限公司为案例

张巍*, 金昌庆**
* 张巍(F.A),釜庆大学中国学科博士
** 金昌庆(C.A),釜庆大学中国学科教授


大型原生态歌舞集《云南映象》缔造了旅游演艺产业的一个神话,号称“新三板演艺第一 股”的“云南杨丽萍文化传播股份有限公司”,杨丽萍是最亮眼的金字招牌。虽然股市简报里提到 公司的主要收入来源是映象系列的商演产品,以及名下的精品酒店经营及其它产业链条,但我们也 知道上市公司最大的风险是对“杨丽萍个人品牌”的过度依赖。目前看来杨丽萍公司在中国的演艺 市场和新三板股市上正处于良好的上升期,其发展空间还很大。我们却无法断定它未来的路到底可 以走到多远。杨丽萍公司能够科学地可持续性地发展下去,势必需要探究一套行之有效的市场运营 模式,这也是中国演艺产业值得耐心琢磨与借鉴的。