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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.141-154

The Study on the Similarities and Differences of “W si wo le” and “W si wo suan le”

Guo Xingyan
** 계명대학교 인문국제학대학 중국학전공


“W si wo le” and “W si wo suanle” are two constructions commonly used in modern Chinese spoken language, and they all have a high degree of meaning. The two constructions can sometimes be used interchangeably, there will be some subtle differences in semantics after the switchover; but in some cases, the two are not interchangeable. According to the corpus survey, we found that “W si wo le” is much more commonly used than“W si wo suanle” . “W si wo suanle” as a new construction is used only in a specific context in spoken Chinese, “suanle”as an extremely important component of the construction “W si wo suanle” must affect the choice of the variable W, the meaning of this construction and the syntactic features of this construction. This paper intents to compare the similarities and differences of “W si wo le” and “W si wo suanle” on the use and characteristics of the variable W, the construction meaning and the syntactic features ,we also try to analyze and explain the causes of these differences.


** 계명대학교 인문국제학대학 중국학전공 조교수


“W死我了”、“W死我算了”是现代汉语口语中常用的两个构式,都表高程度义。这两个构 式有时可以换用,换用后语义会存在一些细微的差异;但在一些情况下,二者是不能互换使用的, 既存的“W死我了”使用规模大大地多于后起的网络流行语“W死我算了”,构式“W死我算了”多 了“算了”这个极为重要的构件,这对变量W的选择、构式的意义以及句法特征都会造成一定的影 响。本文主要对两个构式在使用规模、变量W的使用情况与特点、构式义、句法上的异同进行比 较,并对造成这些差异的原因进行分析与解释。