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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.109-139

A Comparative Study of Rusheng Characters of Chinese Suzhou Dialect and Hefei Dialect

Wu Shu-Ya,Li Wei,Oh Se-Jun
* 한서대학교 대학원 한중언어문화학과 박사과정
** 한서대학교 대학원 한중언어문화학과 박사과정
*** 한서대학교 중국학과 교수


However, with the rapid development of information technology, dialects are slipping away. People are gradually ignoring and forgetting local dialects and traditional culture. The loss of dialects will surely lead to the loss of traditional culture. As a language and culture research enthusiast, I hope to make people know more about their own language by studying and comparing more dialects. As the mother tongue, dialect will directly affect the acquisition of the second language when we learn the second language, which not only has a positive role in promoting, but also has a negative role in hindering, which requires us to have a deep understanding of the two languages and a comprehensive comparative study. Suzhou and Hefei belong to the wu-speaking area and the jianghuai guanhua area respectively. Although they are two dialects, they are connected with each other from the geographical position. It can be seen that there must be some common characteristics and differences between the two dialects. Based on a comparative study of the languages of Suzhou and Hefei, the author chooses to present the modern pronunciation of the Chinese ancient pronunciation of rusheng characters in the two places, and analyzes and explains the differences between the initial and final vowels of the dialects respectively, so as to find out the differences between the two dialects.


吳舒雅*, 李偉**, 吳世畯***
* 한서대학교 대학원 한중언어문화학과 박사과정
** 한서대학교 대학원 한중언어문화학과 박사과정
*** 한서대학교 중국학과 교수


中國地域廣袤,方言種類繁多,但是,信息科技飛速發展的今天,方言正在悄然流逝,人們 對地方方言和傳統文化漸漸漠視和遺忘,方言的喪失必將導致傳統文化的失根,所以對方言的重視 和保護很重要。作為一名語言文化研究愛好者,希望通過研究比較更多的方言來讓人們更了解自己 的語言。方言作為母語,在我們學習第二語言的時候會直接影響到第二語言的習得,不僅存在積極 的促進作用,也存在消極的阻礙作用,這就需要我們對兩種語言進行深刻的了解和多方面的比較研 究。蘇州和合肥分別歸屬於吳語區和江淮官話區,雖然是兩種方言,但是從地理位置上看,相互接 連,可見兩種方言之間一定存在一些共同特點和差別。筆者就蘇州和合肥的語言上進行比較研究, 選擇展現入聲字的中古音在兩地的今讀,分別從方言的聲母和韻母的對比進行分析和解說,以此來 找出兩種方言之間的差異。