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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.41-55

Suggestions on Revising the Chinese-Korean Dictionary and Launching the Internet Dictionary : Comparing the Large Chinese-Korean Dictionary, ZON Chinese Character Dictionary and Other Dictionaries to Discuss

Park Deok-Young,Wang Ping
** 上海交通大学人文学院博士研究生,韩国语专业博士
*** 上海交通大学人文学院教授


As the most commonly used Chinese character dictionary in Korea, Korea's the Chinese-Korean Dictionary was originally revised from the Large Chinese-Korean Dictionary(1964) and retained Chinese characters from ancient times to around 1950. Since the initial edition of 1973, the dictionary has been reprinted several times and has not been revised. In view of the deletion of some worthwhile Chinese characters in the Chinese-Korean Dictionary on the basis of the Large Chinese-Korean Dictionary, or the inappropriate deletion of some entries, and the many imperfections in the compilation style, such as the lack of illustrations, Chinese phonetic notes and Chinese annotations, etc., this paper holds that the Chinese-Korean Dictionary should be revised and properly included and deleted. In addition to the valuable Chinese characters, and improve the compilation style, so that it is more detailed, more convenient for readers to use. At the same time, in order to overcome the limitations of paper dictionary, expand its capacity, update entries in time, and make it easy for readers to carry, it is necessary to launch the Internet dictionary of the Chinese-Korean Dictionary

关于修订《汉韩大辞典》及推出网络辞典的建议 ― 对比《大汉韩辞典》,《ZON汉字辞典》等辞典予以探讨

朴德英, 王平
* 基金项目:2014年度中国国家社会科学基金重大项目“韩国传世汉字字典文献集成”(14ZDB108)。
** 上海交通大学人文学院博士研究生,韩国语专业博士
*** 上海交通大学人文学院教授


韩国《汉韩大辞典》作为韩国现行使用最普遍的韩国汉字辞典,最初由《大汉韩辞典》(1964 年)修订而来,保留了古今众多的汉字词,性质与中国《汉语大词典》同。自1973初版后,该辞典 几经再版,一直未再修订。鉴于《汉韩大辞典》在《大汉韩辞典》的基础上删减了一些很有价值的 汉字词,或部分词条被删除后造成种种不当,且在编撰体例上存在诸多不完善之处,诸如插图及分 词条汉语注音、汉语注义的欠缺,等等,本文认为《汉韩大辞典》应该予以修订,适当收录被删除 的有价值的汉字词,并完善编纂体例,使之更详实、更细致、更方便读者使用。同时,为克服纸质 辞典的局限性,拓展其收容量,及时更新词条,便于读者携带,有必要推出《汉韩大辞典》的网络 辞典。