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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.67 pp.25-40

Problems and Solutions in Tandem of Korean and Chinese Partner

Sun Chi
釜山外国语大学校 中国学部


Tandem learning is a learning model actively used in the field of foreign language learning. Through interaction and mutual assistance between language partners, it is possible not only to learn independently and improve the level of target language, but also to conduct cross-cultural communication and understand foreign cultures.Generally speaking, there are two types of Tandem learning methods: Tandem learning through classroom management;The other is the out-of-class language partner learning activities organized by learners in both countries.This research is the second type of Tandem learning, in which teachers help to make connections between Chinese students in the accounting department and Korean students in the Chinese language department, and combine idioms to make mutual learning outside the normal classroom learning.Due to the lack of classroom management and constraints, as well as the low level of target language of both partners, some problems occurred in the process of activities.How to solve these problems so that the language partner activities can be carried out effectively, this study explored several solutions, and tested the effectiveness of the solutions through the end-of-term questionnaire survey.It is hoped that such a shallow study can serve as a starting point for more teachers and researchers to explore the out-of-class Tandem learning model so that more foreign language learners can benefit from Tandem learning.

韩中Tandem语伴互助学习活动中的问题和解决方案 —以釜外会计系中国留学生和中文系韩国学生的语伴关系为例

* 釜山外国语大学校 中国学部 讲师


Tandem学习法是一种在外语学习领域被积极使用的学习模式,通过语伴之间的互动互助,不仅 能够进行自主学习,提高目标语水平,还可以跨文化交流,了解异域文化。就组织形式而言,Tande m学习法可以分为两种,一种是通过课堂管理进行的语伴之间的自主学习活动;另一种是两国学习者 在课堂外自行组织的语伴学习活动。本研究进行的是第二种方式的Tandem学习活动,会计系中国留 学生和中文系韩国学生之间,由教师帮助联系,组合成语伴关系,在正规课堂学习以外的课后时间 进行互助学习。因缺少课堂管理和约束,在活动过程中容易出现一些问题。怎样解决这些问题,使 语伴活动能够有效进行,本研究探讨了几项解决方案,并通过问卷调查和语言测验等方式检验了问 题解决方案的有效性。希望通过这次浅显的研究,能够起到抛砖引玉的作用,有更多教师和研究者 来关注和探讨课堂外的语伴学习模式,以使更多外语学习者在Tandem语伴互助学习模式中收益。