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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.49 pp.65-84

In the Taiwan Chinese glossary form the different electron particle materialization phenomenon research : take Southern Fujian language and Japanese as the center

Dai Heng


The country which writes a Chinese most plentifully fromcurrent whole world will be Taiwan and China (continent). 'Thetaiwan' with 'continent' original “same race and east it sees, asthe fuselage” all Beijing word meaning foundation makes.
From 1949 after the both eyes (Taiwan and China) which about60 year for is almost discontinued a big development were to thesocial economy and the cultural reform from beriberi theybrought. About 50 the time of year flowed and part Chinese ofTaiwan with the Chinese which from China (continent) is usedfrom change process the actual condition which is expresseddifferent appeared. Taiwan and China (continent) about 60 wereyear and during old time were discontinued 1986 to become, itstood and it allowed the Chinese relative visit or an investmentof the Taiwan compatriots. The traffic of the both eyes developscontinuously with the opportunity which will reach, when about60 year for it was discontinued, sometimes from the difference ofthe use vocabulary back perplexity did the both eyes compatriotsbe. Are like that the specialists of the both eyes comparativestudy is various from vocabulary, use and pronunciation backvarious direction of the both eyes.
It listened in recent times and it came and “the Chinesestudying hot blast” happened from whole world and theforeigners frequently Taiwan and China (the continent) clearlydoes not divide the difference of Chinese the actual conditionoccurred. The actual both eyes from basic one e bottle soundnotation of Chinese the difference is appearing frompronunciation, vocabulary and the grammatical back about understarting. The research which it sees relationship of this both eyes of the Chinese studying sleeping field of the inside andoutside of the country about under including is dawned thedifference and the cause of language and vocabulary actualcondition the man with underdeveloped genital organ theobjective of the place where it does is. The place where thenations which are to the situation where the situation is similarresearch a vocabulary change and a difference compared tofurther Taiwan and China (the continent) the reference becomeswishes in the comparative study which relates with a vocabularychange and a difference.